Discovering My Mystic Roots


I am a grower, chef, and plant medicine maker from St. Mary's, Ga and Amelia Island, Fl. Although I come from a family that is deeply connected to the earth, it was a trip to Shashamane, Ethiopia in the summer of 2006 that was the flame that sparked the fire in my soul! There, I experienced a culture where everyone in the community grew food. It became a daily ritual to go out in the garden and pick the vegetables that would soon become lunch and dinner. With fruit trees all around, eucalyptus trees bordering the yard and fresh herbs at my doorstep, I knew then that this was how I wanted to live. In close communion with the earth. So in 2007 I began my adventures in backyard gardening. Two years later I became one of the stewards of Carnell's Orchard. A backyard orchard planted by my Grandfather over 50 years ago!  The orchard featured over 10 citrus trees, a fig, pomegranate, japanese plum  and 3 pecan trees. During this time on Amelia Island i began to forage and get familiar with the wild foods in that area. In 2013 I made my way to Atlanta, Ga to participate in the HABESHA Works Urban Agriculture Certification Program as well as to connect with other black folks who were growing food. Since graduation, I  have managed several community gardens in the city, and currently manage the Gardens at Camp Creek. I am the founder and CEO of Mystic Roots Inc, a catering company that specializes in farm to table cuisine and operates as a pop up herbal apothecary. You can find me on the full moon seeking out the wild spaces of Atlanta in search of sacred plant medicine.


**The lessons learned from that trip to Ethiopia, as it pertains to growing, harvesting, and preparing real locally grown food; and experiencing a sacred connection to the earth, is the concept that guides Mystic Roots to this day. As the earth is evolving, so is Mystic Roots. We thank you in advance for all of your support.**

Teena Myers