We are returning to the ways of our ancestors, we are answering our Mother's call.


Handcrafted Herbals

Our seasonal blends are handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.


Catering Services

We cater to all of your organic, plant based needs. Whether it be a big wedding reception, or a small gathering, we can accommodate. Book Mystic Roots for your next event.

Sacred Earth

"Everyday more and more people are awakening to the medicine that is stored within their dna.We hear the call of the earth, and we are answering that call in many ways. We are remembering the ways of our Grandmother's Mother's and we are dreaming of earth remedies."

We proudly grow and/or ethically wildcraft the herbs used in our products.





Secret Supper Club

We are cooking up some magic in the kitchen!

Join us as we take a journey through the world of plant based cuisine. The Mystic Roots Secret Supper Club is sure to have your taste buds screaming with delight as we explore, wild foods, living foods, and locally grown vegetables and herbs all wrapped up into a 5 course soul satisfying meal! 

These suppers will be intentionally small, set in serene environments that encourage intimacy with each other as we enjoy the ritual of food. 

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*High Vibrations*

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